What are different types of self storage units available?

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April 5th, 2023

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Self storage units come in a variety of sizes and types to fit your needs. Here are some of the most common types of self storage units:
  • Standard storage units are the most common type of storage unit. They are typically 5x5 feet, 5x10 feet, or 10x10 feet. Standard storage units are a good option for storing furniture, boxes, and other belongings.
  • Climate-controlled storage units are designed to keep your belongings at a consistent temperature and humidity level. This is important for storing sensitive items like documents, artwork, and electronics. Climate-controlled storage units are typically more expensive than standard storage units.
  • Drive-up storage units are designed for easy access. They have a door that opens directly to the outside, so you can drive your car or truck right up to your unit. Drive-up storage units are a good option for storing large items like furniture or appliances.
  • Indoor storage units are located inside a building. This provides added security and protection from the elements. Indoor storage units are typically more expensive than outdoor storage units.
  • Outdoor storage units are located outside. They are less expensive than indoor storage units, but they are not as secure or protected from the elements. Outdoor storage units are a good option for storing items that are not sensitive to the weather.
  • Storage lockers are small, individual storage units that are typically used for storing personal belongings. Storage lockers are often located in urban areas, and they are a good option for people who need a temporary place to store their belongings.
When you're choosing a self storage unit, it's important to consider the size of your belongings, the type of storage unit you need, and your budget.